A faucet should operate smoothly; the water should cut off 100 % with very little effort. If your faucet is hard to turn off, or will not shut off completely, its time to have a professional take a look at it. Leaky faucets can run up your water bill!

Skelly Plumbing repairs gas leaks. We can also locate a gas leak in your home, repair a gas pipe, install a gas line and offer gas pipe repair. Also, if you have a gas leak from your water heater we can locate and fix that gas leak as well.

Skelly plumbing has experience fixing garbage disposals. When it is time for a new garbage disposal, Skelly can bring the appropriate disposal to your house, install the new garbage disposal and then remove the old one

Most toilets can be fixed by replacing the insides of the tank.  Sometimes a toilet replacement is required.  Need toilet repair services?

In most cases, Skelly Plumbing can repair your existing pipe by removing a small section of the leaking pipe and applying a new section of pipe. 

Water heater repair can be accomplished almost 60% of the time, meaning that Skelly Plumbing can save you from having to purchase a new water heater in a majority of the cases


Skelly Plumbing can help fix any of your plumbing issues.