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Toilet Repair Tips For Problems That Won’t Flush

Have you ever thought about doing a toilet repair on your own? In this economy it’s probably not the wisest move to try to fix your toilet yourself. I’m not saying that toilet repair is impossible if you’re handy with tools, but most of us do it better when we have a professional plumber to do the job. The main reason for this is that toilet repair can be quite costly. So, even if you know that you’re capable of doing the work, saving yourself the headache of trying to install a toilet repair yourself might be an option for you at the moment.

But even if you do decide to try and fix your toilet on your own, don’t just jump into the project without knowing exactly what you’re doing. Not knowing what kind of problems you might run into and how to prevent them might cost you more money than you realize. One of the best toilet repair tips that anyone can give you is this: If you have any doubts at all about what you’re doing, then go hire someone else. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting a toilet repair and having to deal with something you didn’t think was possible.

Toilet repairs are typically broken into two categories: a toilet tank that doesn’t flush or a flapper that malfunctions. A toilet tank that doesn’t flush isn’t too difficult to repair. The problem with a flapper, however, often involves something as simple as replacing the old gasket with a new one and then adding a new flush mechanism to the tank.

How you replace the gasket and flapper in a toilet tank that doesn’t flush can vary depending on the make and model of the toilet, but the basics are pretty much the same. You need to take out the tank, which usually entails unscrewing the bolts holding the tank to the toilet base and prying out the rubber seal. Then, depending on the make of toilet you have, you need to either drain the water supply or fill the overflow tube with new water. If you have a tank that simply doesn’t close, though, you need to open up the tank and inspect the pipe joints.

If you do have a toilet tank that doesn’t flush, your first step should be to drain the water supply and fill the overflow tube with new water. Use a level to make sure you are draining enough water out to completely empty the toilet tank. Now you can check to see if the flapper is functioning correctly. If it isn’t closed properly, you may have to open it up and reseal it. Sometimes, all you have to do is add a plug of some sort to keep the shut-off valve closed properly.

If you have a toilet that just won’t flush no matter how much water you add or if you find a leakproof seal is wearing thin, there are other toilet repair options. One of them is to replace the tank with one made from plastic or metal that has a leakproof seal. These tanks also come with a special valve that allows you to use the toilet without a backup flapper.