Sewer And Drain Cleaning

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Need your sewer drain cleaned ? Skelly Plumbing offers sewer drain cleaning services and sewer drain replacement services and surrounding areas.

Sewer And Drain Cleaning
There are many drains in your home that may become clogged for a variety of different reasons. For more specific information on the types of drains and clogs found in your home click on our “clogged drain repair” tab. Kitchen drains, shower and tub drains, floor drains, and bathroom sink drains are all places that can easily become clogged.

Main Sewer Line Cleaning

Main Sewer lines are the largest drains in a home and all other household drains lead to the main sewer line. This line runs underground from the house and connects to a city sewer line or a septic tank. If the main sewer line clogs, toilets and drains throughout your home will begin to backup. Skelly Plumbing provides residential sewer and drain cleaning services. Our technicians are equipped with the proper equipment to get the job done. We can also provide camera and hydro jet services, to restore flow and inspect your drainage system.

Skelly Plumbing always provides:

Repairs: 1-year warranty on parts and labor
Stoppages: 10-day warranty
Faucets and Fixtures: 2-year parts and labor warranty on faucets and fixtures furnished by us.

Water Heaters: Standard has a 3-year parts and labor warranty and a 6-year manufacturer’s tank warranty. Deluxe has a 5-year parts and labor warranty and a 10-year manufacturer’s tank warranty.