Garbage Disposal Repair

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Need garbage disposal repair services ? Skelly Plumbing offers garbage disposal repair services and garbage disposal replacement services and surrounding areas.

Garbage Disposal Repair
Skelly plumbing has experience fixing garbage disposals. When it is time for a new garbage disposal, Skelly can bring the appropriate disposal to your house, install the new garbage disposal and then remove the old one in the time it will take you to stand in line at the home improvement store.

Garbage disposals should be installed by a professional. Skelly Plumbing can install the appropriate disposal for your family’s needs.

If you have an existing garbage disposal that isn’t working properly, Skelly Plumbing can take a look and make suggestions on propertly fixing your garbage disposal.

When it comes to garbage disposal repair and garbage disposal replacement, you will get the following from Skelly Plumbing:


Repairs: 1-year warranty on parts and labor
Stoppages: 10-day warranty
Faucets and Fixtures: 2-year parts and labor warranty on faucets and fixtures furnished by us.

Water Heaters: Standard has a 3-year parts and labor warranty and a 6-year manufacturer’s tank warranty. Deluxe has a 5-year parts and labor warranty and a 10-year manufacturer’s tank warranty.