Outdoor Misting Systems

Outdoor Misting SystemsAn outdoor misting system or an outdoor cooling misting system is an outdoor mist system that sprays a fine mist over an outdoor porch or patio area as a way to lower the temperature. Misting systems provide a cool mist over the patio, making those hot Houston summers more enjoyable.

Outdoor misting systems can be combined with outdoor misting fans to get a great combination of cool mist and air that help to cool down any hot porch or seating area. Your customers or house guests will appreciate the fine, cooling mist the very next time you turn on your residential or commercial misting system!

Whether you are seeking a patio mister by misty mate or a commercial misting system by aeromist, let Skelly Plumbing be the company to install your misting system. Misting systems area great way for bars and restaurants to increase revenue for those outdoor seating areas that get just a little too hot in the summer in Houston. They area also a great way for home owners to increase their guests’ enjoyment during those summer barbecues.

Most misting systems can be installed in just a few hours and start around $2200 for a complete installation. For a quick, complimentary estimate for your misting project, please call (281) 607-5342 today!

Chip Skelly
Author: Chip Skelly

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