Handicap Bathtub – Handicapped Shower Conversion

Handicapped Shower Install TomballIf you have an aging relative, or maybe you are just not as mobile as you used to be, you may be considering installing a handicap bathtub. These handicapped bathtubs make getting in and out of the shower a much easier proposition and can also help a person that is newly wheelchair bound to maintain their independence.

People call these bathtubs by many names including walk in bathtubs with shower, handicapped bathtubs, bathtub shower conversions, tub and shower conversions, handicap shower, handicap accessible shower, handicap shower seats and handicapped shower stalls.

Whatever you call them, a handicapped bathtub can be installed in an afternoon and will go a long way towards helping that elderly or handicapped individual maintain their independence. Depending on the actual fixtures that you select, this job can range from $3500 to $9900 for the installation.

Skelly Plumbing can offer you a free consultation on your handicap bathtub / shower conversion, as well as recommend places to find and research the options available to you for your handicapped shower conversion.

Offer us a call today at: (281) 607-5342 to discuss your handicapped shower conversion.

Chip Skelly
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